Traveling People Pods

11 Aug

Slow down little people pod person. Slow down. Let’s have coffee, it’s on me. Traveling the same road; heading the same direction but on an entirely different universe. Sometimes I wonder who you are or what you care about or why you’re in such a hurry? This random moment, traveling past each other on the same road, may be the only time our orbits cross. And what will it matter?

2 Responses to “Traveling People Pods”

  1. deborahbrasket October 24, 2013 at 6:17 am #

    I wonder that myself sometimes, watching cars go by, who they are, where they are going.


    • said-simply October 24, 2013 at 10:35 am #

      It astounds me how insulated and disconnected we are from each other.


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