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Every Which Way (2014)

25 May


Sketched out this design a couple nights ago and added color tonight.  Just a fun little piece.


Wrinkle (2014)

18 May


A fun design I tinkered with while watching all the hoopla around The Preakness yesterday.  And the hoopla was actually contextual yesterday, California Chrome was nothing short of impressive on the track yesterday.  They’ve got me hooked through The Belmont (and I know very little about horse racing).  Back to the piece, I had sketched this out a couple nights ago with my Pigma Micron .05 pen and added color yesterday during the race.  Really fun way to easy into Saturday night.


Section (Abstract)

6 May


A new piece.  Emerged from an earlier pen & ink sketch I was working on.  I think there are some interesting things to look at in this one.  Colors are uniquely mixed from stuff I had hanging out in my palette after a my last couple paintings.  Not sure I’m done with the solid black section in top left quadrant.  Might add some thin lines mirroring the shape of the thicker one.  A work in progress I suppose.


Net (Abstract)

1 May


Thought this either resembled a web or a net.  The design appeared in my mind while trying to get to sleep a few nights ago, but I was too tired to get up and sketch it.  Sketched it last night; painted tonight.  Colors seem to jump off nicely because of the white-space areas.  This one was so fun to produce.

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