Archive | September, 2014

Ma 間 (2014)

26 Sep


Exploring white space/negative space in this painting.  I tend to use lots of color and a wide palette.  But it felt good to embrace the sort of stark, distinctive look of the limited colors at play in this piece.


Faces (2014)

18 Sep


My newest piece.  Really enjoyed seeing this one come together.  I hope it brings others enjoyment and invites exploration.

Spider (2014)

9 Sep


Started working on this geometric abstract piece and realized it kind of looked like a spider.  So spider it is!

Orbit (2014)

5 Sep


Just began as a silly little doodle and it just sort of came together.

Two Friends (2014)

3 Sep


As I was painting this piece it seemed to me that this looked like a conversation between two people.  Wasn’t my intent in setting out, but perhaps a happy accident.

Green (2014)

1 Sep



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