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Color Garden (Abstract)

30 Dec



Really enjoyed working with this pattern and playing with color.


Tunnel (Abstract)

28 Dec


I like the way this painting draws my eye into the field of vision.  It just has a funky feel.  Its been enjoyable playing with shapes and a different process artistically.  Shapes can do amazing things if we’re willing to play with them and think differently about them.


Rondelles (Abstract)

27 Dec


This one came together in my thoughts and then I sketched it out.  Wasn’t sure what to do with it and then the idea of a series of colors that became a noticeable pattern came to mind.  I love these cute little round guys.  Not sure why, I just find them appealing.  I think they look like the little balls on an abacus.  My girlfriend, to whom I owe the name of the painting, says they remind her of Fruit Loops (super sugary Kellogg’s breakfast cereal here in the U.S.).  I forgot all about Fruit Loops.  Loved them as a kid.  Especially loved how they turned my bowl of milk into a sugary nectar!  Hope everyone’s holidays have been wonderful!  Create all the way into the New Year and beyond!


Multiply (Abstract)

24 Dec



I started with the series of squares in the center and the sketch sort of just started fractalling its way out to the edges.  Then I painted in the background.  It has a somewhat ethereal quality but I’m pleased with what emerged.


Twisted (Abstract)

24 Dec



A twisted tangle of green cord.


Stream (Abstract)

20 Dec



I really like the flow that this one seems to have.


Linked (Abstract)

19 Dec



By themselves the rings aren’t all that impressive.  But when color is added its kinda magical what happens!  I imposed the same rule only adding color in the areas that didn’t overlap with other rings.

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