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Untitled 12 (2015)

28 May


Just playing around here.  Was a fun piece to explore with.


Untitled 12 (2015)

26 May

untitled 5.23.15

This piece is untitled and I’m not certain that it is also unfinished.  I feel like there is too much white space and wondered if any of you viewing the piece could help me perfect it with some ideas about what you would do if you would do anything.  Its just one of those pieces that doesn’t feel quite “done” yet.  Thanks, your feedback/advice will be really helpful.

Untitled 11 (2015)

22 May


So this piece is the result of taking a random marker drawing of crisscrossing lines and filling the void spaces with other shapes and colors.

Kandinsky Re-imagined iii (2015)

15 May


A recent piece inspired by W. Kandinsky.

Drift (2015)

14 May


This piece highlights a contrast between the depth and prominence of the various lines.  Some are subtle and almost fade between the colors while others take center stage and beg to be noticed.  The colors make me think of hot-air balloons hence the title drift.  Just a colorful little piece that I enjoyed creating and hope you’ll enjoy viewing!

Heart of a Nation (2015)

7 May


I am not normally an artist whose work seeks to provoke a response.  But in this instance I guess I am.  As I look around and think about all the things going on in our nation & world sometimes I feel like the very heart of our nation is being swallowed up by these overwhelming issues that have no easy answers and too few people willing to do anything that would lead to or spark significant change.

The violence against black men in our country at the hands of police is an issue that has sparked a profound response and one that I hope leads to significant, systematic change, change that lasts and change that transforms.  We are a country that has faced its challenges in the past and I believe we must be a country that faces the challenges of the present, both those inside our borders and those outside our borders.  Our culture & way of life is at stake if we choose to do nothing.

Landscape of Shapes iii (2015)

6 May


This piece draws a little inspiration from Joan Miro.  I find myself reflecting on this piece and making discoveries as I take in the different shapes and images.  I’d like to hear how you connect with it as viewers.  Please feel free to share.

Inspiration (2015)

6 May


How inspiration comes?  At least for me.  I see something and then set out to create it.

Lines Dance (2015)

5 May


Landscape of Shapes ii (2015)

1 May


The result of another night of fun with paints in hand!  🙂

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