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Spark (2015)

30 Sep


(watercolor & ink on cold-pressed paper, Sept. 2015)


Arrange (2015)

29 Sep


A new piece that has a Kandinsky-like feel.  I love his muted colors and his lyrical designs.  This one just sort of came to life.

(watercolor & ink on cold-pressed paper, Sept. 2015).

Fall In Indiana – Watercolor

29 Sep

Lovely watercolors from a great artist. Check him out at:

“Willem of Orange”

29 Sep

If you aren’t familiar with artist Matt Schinner you need to be. Check out his amazing work at:

Symphonic (2015)

28 Sep

FullSizeRender (3)

(watercolor & ink on cold-pressed paper, Sept. 2015)

Grid (2015)

28 Sep


Another “departure piece” for me.  I began this one by applying the paint from the tube onto the paper.  This is a dry sponge piece.  There are several layers of paint making up this piece added in a kind of random even sporadic way.  Thought there was a depth to this piece visually that created lots of interesting things to view.

(watercolor on cold-pressed paper, Sept. 2015)


27 Sep

I applied all the paint directly onto the surface of the paper & then streaked it around with a very mildly moistened sponge.  First layer was background color.  The central section of the piece is at least 3 layers and lots of additions to the top coat before feeling as though this painting was done.

(Watercolor on cold-pressed paper, Sept. 2015)

Sail (2015)

25 Sep


(watercolor on cold-pressed paper, Sept. 2015)

Deep (2015)

24 Sep


A new painting that is a bit of an homage to Rothko.  This is not the painting I expected to emerge but here’s the end result.  Probably 4-5 layers of paint.  Love the subtle filtering of colors and strokes that emerge the longer you look.  I only used watercolor paint I had on hand and applied the paint using a few pieces of sponge I cut off my kitchen sponge.

(watercolor, Sept. 2015)

Dancer (2015)

23 Sep


(watercolor & ink, Sept. 2015)

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