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Visions (2015)

29 Aug


Another de Kooning inspired piece.  I went for vibrant colors with an under wash of coffee left over from the day before.  The subtle brown wash was the perfect background for the colors I chose.  I have never used coffee to paint with but was actually very pleased with the result as a page wash.  Normally I mix a wash with a touch of brown, white, and yellow.  The white usually dominates the mixture and this creation provides a subtle wash for the background of my paintings, but I drink coffee everyday and almost never finish the pot!  Please enjoy this piece and please feel free to offer feedback, I am always open to hearing how my work connects or doesn’t connect with viewers.

(watercolor & coffee on cold-pressed paper Aug. 2015)


Morning Coffee

9 Dec



I had one of the most lovely coffee beverages this weekend at my usual local cafe.  The barista made it to perfection and I love the little leaf they swirl into the creamy, foam layering the top of the beverage.  With every sip that little leaf stayed in tact.  It was a delicious coffee and was aesthetically appealing too (in that sense, a drinkable work of art).



25 Nov



Morning doesn’t officially start until the coffee is made!



11 Nov



A blogging friend posted a photo of a cafe table she was enjoying coffee at and I knew I had to paint it.


8 Oct



Taking time to reflect and journal about experiences is for me an important, life-giving practice.

Traveling People Pods

11 Aug

Slow down little people pod person. Slow down. Let’s have coffee, it’s on me. Traveling the same road; heading the same direction but on an entirely different universe. Sometimes I wonder who you are or what you care about or why you’re in such a hurry? This random moment, traveling past each other on the same road, may be the only time our orbits cross. And what will it matter?


8 Aug

I am sitting at a table writing.  I am taking deep, lung filling breaths.  To my right is a mug of coffee just the way I like it.  Behind that a glass of clear, cold water.  I have things I want to do today.  I have things I need to do today.  What I get done will be what I get done.  My body feels good today.  I ran.  It was a good run.  My pace was a bit slower than usual but its what my body could give today.  When I was younger I felt the need to drive and push and achieve.  I’m learning to accept what is.  This is real and real is good.

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