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Me…I think.

31 Oct



Me as I recall (no photo used in the creation of this painting).


Untitled Design #7 (Abstract)

30 Oct



Created this piece over the weekend.  It just sort of showed up on the page.  It has an energy I like.


29 Oct



I am now officially out of cold pressed watercolor paper.  I will be heading to the art supply shop today.


28 Oct



This piece came together as I was working on it.  Had an entirely different idea in mind when I set out.  I love how this happens.


27 Oct



This painting just started jumping off my brush and onto the watercolor paper yesterday.  Still working on shadow and light.  Some different brush technique emerged yesterday.  Tried to get out of my normal box a bit.


26 Oct


I can feel the warmth of the baking stone as I imagine this bread being pulled out of the oven.  I can smell the rich aroma of the bread as it cools filling the kitchen with its nearly edible scent.  The baguette is “anytime” bread.  Its crunch is wonderful, its flavor rich, and its satisfaction undeniable.  Here is an article on the history of French bread:  Savourer!

Bread for the Journey

25 Oct



Painting depicting sourdough round loaf.  Add some hard cheese and a glass of Pinot Noir and what a perfect, tasty moment!

Chains Fall

24 Oct



Walk out of the darkness and into the Light.  Freedom awaits!

Great Buildings: Schonbrunn Gloriette (Vienna, Austria)

23 Oct


Saw a photo of this lovely structure online and was inspired to paint/illustrate it.  It was originally built in 1775 in honor of one of Austria’s emperors.  Destroyed during the Second World War and rebuilt by 1947.  It underwent additional renovations in 1995.  It is such a beautiful structure.  It is located in the garden on the grounds of this estate.

Bread for the Day

22 Oct



I love bread.  I have been thinking about how bread is essential, making its way onto tables everyday all over the world.  It is a filling and satisfying food.  It provides basic, simple sustenance.  Fresh baked bread ignites the senses.  Nothing better!  I am grateful for daily bread.

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