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Sea of Green (2015)

23 Jan


A new abstract piece.  Different shades of green.  I love green; it is such a rich color!


The Waters (2015)

9 Jan


Water is a profound thing when you think about it.  Water is both capable of sustaining life and devastating it.  We use water to grow things, but too much of it can destroy crops and kill the food we attempt to grow with its help.  Water is a powerful symbol.  Its power and immensity can overwhelm us and serve as a metaphor for times when life feels overwhelming, but it can also bring about a sense of serenity and peace.  Calm harbors and still waters are metaphors for peaceful seasons of life.  Water is, has, and always will carry, for me, powerful symbolic and experiential significance.  I’d enjoy hearing if water is an important image/symbol for you and in what ways.  Enjoy & happy Friday!  🙂

Alternate (2015)

9 Jan


First piece of 2015.

Infrastructure (2014)

2 Jan


Design drawn in 2014; painted in 2015!  Happy New Year friends.  Let’s make 2015 great!

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