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Kandinsky Re-imagined ii (2014)

22 Dec


Another piece in homage to the work of Wassily Kandinsky.


Water, Earth, Sky (2014)

17 Dec


Began as a pencil sketch.  I painted it in and then added the bold lines later.

Bounce (2014)

16 Dec


Another new piece.  Color palette not my norm.  Was a fun piece!

Fluent (2014)

15 Dec


New abstract piece I’ve been working on.  Tried to go a bit minimalist with my palette.  I’ve been working with a new brand of cold-pressed watercolor paper too and am pleased with how it seems to be taking the paint.  Always room for growth and new exploration.

Center (2014)

11 Dec


Trying to take more chances with my work.  I’ve not really done anything quite like this.  Stepping out of my strict geometric world a bit on this one!

Carnivale (2014)

11 Dec


Was really pleased with the design but I painted it using watercolor pencils a new medium for me.  Usually I’m using my paints and mixing palette.  I do like the richness of the colors.  I think the watercolor pencils will add a new dimension to my work as I get better acquainted to using them.

Shades (2014)

9 Dec


A new mixed media piece (pen & ink & watercolor on card stock).

Zap (2014)

7 Dec


A playful piece that emerged but wasn’t planned.

Partition (2014)

3 Dec


Painted by putting drops of paint on watercolor paper then tilting and twisting the paper to allow the paint to flow over the paper.  Every line is painted without the assistance of a brush.  I was very pleased with the result.

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