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29 Nov


Painted this from a photo on another blogger’s site.  This blogger is on a spiritual pilgrimage called Camino in Spain.  This was the outside wall of a monastery somewhere in Spain that houses pilgrims overnight during their journey.



27 Nov



I sing the praises of bread, wine, and cheese.  For me chocolate is a food group all its own.  I’m a dark chocolate devotee.



26 Nov



Music has always been an important influence in my life.  My music teacher brother had thousands of cd’s and introduced me to a wide range of music growing up.  When I paint/draw I often have music going in the background.  For me, art and music go hand in hand.



25 Nov



Morning doesn’t officially start until the coffee is made!



24 Nov



These cinnamon rolls make think of the weekend and of Christmas.  We always had cinnamon rolls at Christmastime.  The very smell brings back a floodgate of memories.  The holidays are a time to remember.  It is true that the holidays can stir a mixture of good and bad memories and I think that is because both kinds get tangled up in one another.  They don’t happen apart from the people we love and the places that matter.


Still Life (Matchbox)

23 Nov



As a kid we camped a lot.  I always remember the box of wood stick matches dad would use to light the camp stove and the lanterns.  Those were great times, some of my best memories derive from those trips.



22 Nov



What if we could ride a wave right into the arms of the person we miss the most?  Wouldn’t that be wonderful!


Still Life (Match pack)

21 Nov



I am planning on posting some still life illustrations of very simple, everyday kinds of things.  When I see this it evokes strong memories for me.  My Mom’s father always smoked a pipe and the aroma of the pipe smoke was admittedly very pleasant.  I can remember my grandpa’s hands pulling a match from the pack and then striking the match on the little strip and then lighting his pipe, puffing and drawing to get the tobacco lit just right.  Though I smoked for a stint, I have been successfully smoke free for a couple years now and am not an advocate of smoking.  But I am greatly drawn to images that connect me to my story, and this is one of them.


Green Sea

20 Nov



I love the turmoil of the open sea.  It is both chaotic and beautiful at the same time.  The sea can move from placid to turbulent in an instant.  Isn’t life a bit like the sea: unpredictable, discomforting (at times), beautiful, uncertain, peaceful, quiet, wild, gentle, clamorous?  I don’t group all the positive adjectives describing life together nor all the negative adjectives together because we don’t experience life that way.  A single day can include a multiplicity of opposing feelings, experiences, and encounters.  Life is like the sea.


Cheesy Painting

19 Nov



My other food “romance.”  Hard cheese, a crunchy baguette, and some red wine, could there be a more perfect meal?

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