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Stripe (1620-27) (2015)

30 Nov

Stripe (1620-27).edd.11.30.2015

Played with browns today.  I love browns!  How do you feel about brown?  It seems like from a design standpoint it is a color that is making a bit of a comeback.  Brown is a warm and inviting color; one that I believe conveys an emotional safety.

(Acrylic on paper, Nov. 2015)


Untitled 1620-26 (2015)

29 Nov

untitled 1620-26.edd.11.28.2015

Orange hues pervade this piece.  Some of the paint I used has a glossy sheen so it is a little shiny.  The lighter orange areas really help off-set the more aggressive darker areas.  Was fun to play with this color.

(Acrylic on paper, Nov. 2015)

Embrace (1620-25) (2015)

27 Nov

embrace (1620-25).edd.11.27.2015

I’m really pleased with the richness of these red-ish hues.  We need love more than ever my friends.  What is becoming of our world.

(Acrylic on paper, Nov. 2015)

Blue (1620-24) (2015)

25 Nov

Blue (1620-24).edd.11.25.2015

Blue is a color that speaks deeply to me.  I have a deep connection to it.  I am drawn to ocean and sky.  The subtle nuance of color here is visually appealing to me and the interplay of line and color make this piece enjoyable to explore.

(Acrylic on paper, Nov. 2015)

Panels (1620-23) (2015)

24 Nov

panels (1620-23).edd.11.24.2015

I envisioned a piece like this that had complimentary panels of opposing colors and feel like the blend of color in this piece is really inviting.  The added design elements add something to keep your mind and imagination busy as you view this one.

(Acrylic on paper, Nov. 2015)

Friends (1620-22) (2015)

23 Nov

Friends (1620-22).edd.11.23.2015

So this weekend, I attempted three other paintings that all wound up being pulled off my painting board and thrown in the garbage.  I was having a serious block creatively.  I just could not see or interpret any of the lines that wound up on the page.  I wasn’t feeling it.  So this morning I painted and it was posted earlier as 1620-21 & this one this afternoon.  I feel like the block has cleared and I’m back on track.  That is a discomforting feeling, but I felt I had no option other than pressing on & through.

(Acrylic on paper, Nov. 2015)

Untitled 1620-21 (2015)

23 Nov

untitled 1620-21.edd.11.23.2015

(Acrylic on paper, Nov. 2015)

Haring Homage (Untitled 1620-20) (2015)

20 Nov

haringhomage (1620-20).edd.11.20.2015

Keith Haring‘s work has always delighted and inspired me.  I love his use of color and thick black line.  There is a clean, simplicity to his often searing social commentary.  His work is like a soft hammer, drawing you in and then capturing your attention & rattling your sensibilities.  This work has no particular agenda but I created it mindful of Haring’s techniques and use of color.

(Acrylic on paper, Nov. 2015)

Untitled 1620-19 (2015)

19 Nov

Untitled 1620-19.edd.11.19.2015

Restricted this piece to using only green, white, brown, and black.  I am really pleased with the variety of hues that emerged.

(Acrylic on paper, Nov. 2015)

Monochrome (1620-18) (2015)

18 Nov

Monochrome (1620-18).edd.11.18.2015

Just a fun, new abstract piece.  Love playing with monochromatic colors.  A bit of an homage to Picasso, especially his love for the black line.

(Acrylic on paper, Nov. 2015)

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