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Rain (2015)

31 Aug


Another new abstract watercolor piece.  (watercolor on cold-pressed paper, Aug. 2015).

Loud (2015)

31 Aug


(watercolor on cold-pressed paper, Aug. 2015)

Keep Burning (2015)

30 Aug


Passion is essential to leading and living a fulfilling life.  For me, there is nothing I put my hand to that I am more passionate about than art.  I love painting.  I am a completely untrained, self-taught painter but I have made it my full intention to learn as much as I can about the art of painting and to grow as a painter.  My most recent work represents a departure from my most recent season of kind of strict pen and ink and watercolor geometric abstract pieces.  I embrace this as moving into a season of growth as an artist/painter.  I would say I have experienced this transition numerous times since setting out to paint in 2013.

This painting seeks to incorporate a bold, even unorthodox use of color, and the playfulness of line, against a backdrop of unconventional shapes that emerged onto the page rather than being there as the result of careful placement and planning.

(watercolor & ink on cold-pressed paper, Aug. 2015)

Visions (2015)

29 Aug


Another de Kooning inspired piece.  I went for vibrant colors with an under wash of coffee left over from the day before.  The subtle brown wash was the perfect background for the colors I chose.  I have never used coffee to paint with but was actually very pleased with the result as a page wash.  Normally I mix a wash with a touch of brown, white, and yellow.  The white usually dominates the mixture and this creation provides a subtle wash for the background of my paintings, but I drink coffee everyday and almost never finish the pot!  Please enjoy this piece and please feel free to offer feedback, I am always open to hearing how my work connects or doesn’t connect with viewers.

(watercolor & coffee on cold-pressed paper Aug. 2015)

Illusions (2015)

28 Aug


Have been spending a lot of time with the work of Willem de Kooning.  This is a piece I did inspired by my time viewing his work.

(watercolor & ink on cold-pressed paper Aug. 2015)

Linear Landscapes (2015)

27 Aug


Watercolor on cold-pressed paper (Aug. 2015)

Phases (2015)

26 Aug


Watercolor on cold-pressed paper (painted Aug. 2015).

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