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Rain (2015)

31 Aug


Another new abstract watercolor piece.  (watercolor on cold-pressed paper, Aug. 2015).


Loud (2015)

31 Aug


(watercolor on cold-pressed paper, Aug. 2015)

Keep Burning (2015)

30 Aug


Passion is essential to leading and living a fulfilling life.  For me, there is nothing I put my hand to that I am more passionate about than art.  I love painting.  I am a completely untrained, self-taught painter but I have made it my full intention to learn as much as I can about the art of painting and to grow as a painter.  My most recent work represents a departure from my most recent season of kind of strict pen and ink and watercolor geometric abstract pieces.  I embrace this as moving into a season of growth as an artist/painter.  I would say I have experienced this transition numerous times since setting out to paint in 2013.

This painting seeks to incorporate a bold, even unorthodox use of color, and the playfulness of line, against a backdrop of unconventional shapes that emerged onto the page rather than being there as the result of careful placement and planning.

(watercolor & ink on cold-pressed paper, Aug. 2015)

Visions (2015)

29 Aug


Another de Kooning inspired piece.  I went for vibrant colors with an under wash of coffee left over from the day before.  The subtle brown wash was the perfect background for the colors I chose.  I have never used coffee to paint with but was actually very pleased with the result as a page wash.  Normally I mix a wash with a touch of brown, white, and yellow.  The white usually dominates the mixture and this creation provides a subtle wash for the background of my paintings, but I drink coffee everyday and almost never finish the pot!  Please enjoy this piece and please feel free to offer feedback, I am always open to hearing how my work connects or doesn’t connect with viewers.

(watercolor & coffee on cold-pressed paper Aug. 2015)

Illusions (2015)

28 Aug


Have been spending a lot of time with the work of Willem de Kooning.  This is a piece I did inspired by my time viewing his work.

(watercolor & ink on cold-pressed paper Aug. 2015)

Linear Landscapes (2015)

27 Aug


Watercolor on cold-pressed paper (Aug. 2015)

Phases (2015)

26 Aug


Watercolor on cold-pressed paper (painted Aug. 2015).

Evening Sky (2014)

25 Aug


Painted in Feb. 2014.  An artist friend of mine has been asking me what made me lean toward abstraction rather than realism in my work.  I told her that it is because there is not much passion in realism for me but that abstraction engages my senses, passion, and creativity like no other form of painting.  Here is a rare attempt at a realistic painting.  Never posted it mostly because I thought it was pretty bad.

Color Mosaic 1 (2015)

25 Aug


My homage to Paul Klee’s, “Portal of a Mosque” (1931).  Klee is one of my strongest art influencers.  I love his work and find it greatly inspires my own work.

(watercolor on cold-pressed paper, painting completed on 8/25/2015).

Untitled Abstract 81615 (2015)

20 Aug


Watercolor on cold pressed paper.

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