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Watching Leaves Fall

17 Oct

Twirl and spin
like a little girl
showcasing her finest Easter dress.

Float in an ever so deliberative way,
defying time and gravity’s pull,
on your way to the ground.

Dart like a missile
zeroing in
on its target.

Noiseless you fall
absorbed into an ocean of predecessors
filling the forest’s floor.

Your journey undetected
by all but the most watchful eye
taking care to notice your descent.

Wooded Stream

16 Oct

Sing to me forest muse.
Your steady flow
ceaselessly trickling over leaves and rocks
delighting my ear.

 Nothing stands in your way.
Your path diverted
but never halted.

Tinkle, plop,
swish, swoosh
your way through the forest.

You have won my gaze;
My ear tuned to the sound
of your voice.

As sunlight breaks
through crowded sky
it’s reflection shines bright
on your rippled surface.

Bubble and foam
your force crescendos,
unmatched in strength and beauty.

I sit and listen
entranced by your endless song.
I beg you never stop,
may my ear never tire of your song.


Winter Woods

29 Jan



Wanted to try something new.  Was snow shoeing the other day and as the afternoon fading into evening the colors were so incredible.  This scene emerged and then I decided to do something a little different with its presentation.


Autumn Woods

10 Nov



I know we’re out of peak autumn leaf season, and I’ve been archiving this one for a while but I think it still fits the season.  This scene just entered my mind one day and this painting emerged.  I used to have a place in the Mohican Forest in Ohio that had large rocks like this that I would spend hours reading on.  I miss my little rock perch sometimes, it was a great place of solitude and peacefulness.

Woods at Dusk

13 Oct




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