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Arrange (2015)

29 Sep


A new piece that has a Kandinsky-like feel.  I love his muted colors and his lyrical designs.  This one just sort of came to life.

(watercolor & ink on cold-pressed paper, Sept. 2015).


Fall In Indiana – Watercolor

29 Sep

Lovely watercolors from a great artist. Check him out at: asmalltowndad.wordpress.com.

Grid (2015)

28 Sep


Another “departure piece” for me.  I began this one by applying the paint from the tube onto the paper.  This is a dry sponge piece.  There are several layers of paint making up this piece added in a kind of random even sporadic way.  Thought there was a depth to this piece visually that created lots of interesting things to view.

(watercolor on cold-pressed paper, Sept. 2015)


27 Sep

I applied all the paint directly onto the surface of the paper & then streaked it around with a very mildly moistened sponge.  First layer was background color.  The central section of the piece is at least 3 layers and lots of additions to the top coat before feeling as though this painting was done.

(Watercolor on cold-pressed paper, Sept. 2015)

Sail (2015)

25 Sep


(watercolor on cold-pressed paper, Sept. 2015)

Deep (2015)

24 Sep


A new painting that is a bit of an homage to Rothko.  This is not the painting I expected to emerge but here’s the end result.  Probably 4-5 layers of paint.  Love the subtle filtering of colors and strokes that emerge the longer you look.  I only used watercolor paint I had on hand and applied the paint using a few pieces of sponge I cut off my kitchen sponge.

(watercolor, Sept. 2015)

Dancer (2015)

23 Sep


(watercolor & ink, Sept. 2015)

Bold (2015)

22 Sep


So I started this piece with this chaotic under-layer of lines going everywhere in this discontinuous progression of ink swirls.  I started shading in some of the line areas and some great shapes started to emerge.  I decided to go mono-chromatic with this piece to draw out the beauty of the emerging lines.  I love seeing new work come to life and take shape.  I feel like I go into every piece ready to let it just happen without a definitive idea where its going or what kind of result I want to achieve.

(Watercolor & ink on cold-pressed paper, Sept. 2015)

Firmament (2015)

21 Sep


(Watercolor & ink on cold-pressed paper, micro-format, Sept. 2015)sk

Petal (2015)

18 Sep


A nature inspired piece.  I used watercolor pencils and q-tips to spread the paint.  I am so pleased with the result.  The painting conveys a softness I would expect from pastels not watercolor.  The q-tips smooth out the paint and simultaneously blend the lines of paint so some really cool things happen.  Gosh, I love just trying things for fun and getting a surprising result.  Nothing beats painting and the watercolor medium.  Very much hope you enjoy and always hope viewers of my work are sparked with new inspiration for their own work or to believe they can paint as well even if they’ve never once picked up a brush or a q-tip, lol!

(watercolor pencils, Sept. 2015)

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