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Main Street (2018)

7 Dec

Abstract using acrylic, watercolor, and charcoal.


Vive la France!

18 Nov

le tour eiffel.edd.11.18.2015

I stand with the people of France in resisting the evil actions of religious extremists who are imposing their warped views on their culture through horrific & entirely senseless acts of violence.  Imposing one’s views on others is never an acceptable approach.  In a free world, people are entitled to their views and beliefs and the free expression of those things.  We must never allow violent extremists to deter free expression.  “Resister califat!”

Traffic (2015)

10 Sep


(watercolor & ink on cold-pressed paper, Sept. 2015)

Evening Sky (2014)

25 Aug


Painted in Feb. 2014.  An artist friend of mine has been asking me what made me lean toward abstraction rather than realism in my work.  I told her that it is because there is not much passion in realism for me but that abstraction engages my senses, passion, and creativity like no other form of painting.  Here is a rare attempt at a realistic painting.  Never posted it mostly because I thought it was pretty bad.

Color Mosaic 1 (2015)

25 Aug


My homage to Paul Klee’s, “Portal of a Mosque” (1931).  Klee is one of my strongest art influencers.  I love his work and find it greatly inspires my own work.

(watercolor on cold-pressed paper, painting completed on 8/25/2015).

Fluent (2014)

15 Dec


New abstract piece I’ve been working on.  Tried to go a bit minimalist with my palette.  I’ve been working with a new brand of cold-pressed watercolor paper too and am pleased with how it seems to be taking the paint.  Always room for growth and new exploration.

Variations (2014)

28 Nov

Variations (2014)

My first large format piece (24″x32″).  How fun this was!  I might be hooked on doing larger work now!!  Everything else I have posted up to this point (w/the exception of the piece entitled, “Collaboration,”) is small format (7″x9″).  Having space to work with and express more freely is amazing.

Pennon (2014)

12 Oct


A pen & ink/watercolor piece that I sketched recently and finished painting today.

Two Friends (2014)

3 Sep


As I was painting this piece it seemed to me that this looked like a conversation between two people.  Wasn’t my intent in setting out, but perhaps a happy accident.

Green (2014)

1 Sep



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