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28 Oct



This piece came together as I was working on it.  Had an entirely different idea in mind when I set out.  I love how this happens.


27 Oct



This painting just started jumping off my brush and onto the watercolor paper yesterday.  Still working on shadow and light.  Some different brush technique emerged yesterday.  Tried to get out of my normal box a bit.

Awake & Alive

19 Oct



Saw this interesting tree the other day and it inspired this painting.

Sturdy Giant

6 Oct



Your skin rough, like a sea-hardened sailor.
Endlessly you reach for the sky, soaring the heights.
Your fingers firmly anchored to the earth,
snaking their way deep into the ground below.

Your grandeur and majesty beyond comparison,
nothing dares challenge your sovereign reign.
Alone you take your stand, outshining your diminutive peers
gazing at you in silent reverence.

You immovable giant, whose poised strength
wins the admiration of all who look upon you.
In quiet beauty you rule earth and sky.

Nature Scene

20 Sep



Was inspired to paint this scene after seeing a photograph.

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