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Inspiration (2015)

6 May


How inspiration comes?  At least for me.  I see something and then set out to create it.


9 Aug

I was thinking about secrets this morning.  A secret is a sliver of deception lodged in one’s soul.  Its harm goes largely undetected until all one’s attempts to protect it are exhausted.  Our secrets force us into the light eventually.  These discordant pockets of untruth gnaw away at our very essence.

My secrets and my reality converged a few years ago and I watched my entire universe come crashing down in a matter of seconds.  I got honest in a hurry and refuse to wander from the searing edge of honesty’s sword.  It is my safe place, but will it be your’s?

Quiet Enough to Notice

27 Jul

I took a run last night.  It was the end of the day and I had excess energy to burn off so I took a run.  I like running because it gives me space.  It helps me disconnect from the things that keep my mind and heart busy and helps me connect to the simple things I usually miss.  So within a mile or so of starting I was becoming aware of my pace, how my body was feeling, the beauty surrounding me on the trail, the other runners, and so on.

I started tuning into the sound my strides were making in the small, hard-packed gravel making up the surface of the trail.  It is a sound I like. There is something rhythmic about that sound that attracts my attention.  If you’re a runner you probably know that sound.  I think that sound alone has the ability to get the happy endorphins pumping through my body and brain.

I’m convinced we’re going to get our endorphins from somewhere.  This is one of my favorite ways to get mine (for those of you interested in learning more about endorphins here is an article that gives a good basic summary of what endorphins are and do: http://www.http://science.howstuffworks.com/life/endorphins.htm).

At the end of the run my body felt good.

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