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11 Nov



A blogging friend posted a photo of a cafe table she was enjoying coffee at and I knew I had to paint it.



3 Nov



So this painting abounds with imperfections, as is consistent with all my work.  So this was kind of a study in shadow and light and perspective.  I wanted to paint the candle/stand from a kind of close-up perspective in relation to the doorway/entry.  I tried to tone down the brightness of light emerging from the adjacent room.  I really enjoy experimenting with things I’m not very proficient at.  I love learning how things work and how to create certain types of effects with a paint brush.  Painting is so fascinating to me.  There is so much to it, how could you ever suffer boredom as a painter?  Creative block, lack of inspiration for sure but never boredom there is always something new to learn or new ways of growing and improving.

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