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Landscape of Shapes ii (2015)

1 May


The result of another night of fun with paints in hand!  🙂

Landscape of Shapes (2015)

28 Apr


Not much to say about this one.  The artistic impulse broke through tonight.  Thought I’d share.

Jump (2015)

21 Apr


The movement and flow of lines is the great delight of doing art for me.  Yes, I add color to it but only to highlight the exceptional beauty of what happens when lines converge.  Why this appeals to me I have no idea, but I can not escape my attraction to the simple beauty of the line.

Tectonic (2015)

2 Apr


New piece.  Just went with it.  No agendas on this one at all.


Slices (Abstract)

13 Feb



I like playing with geometric shapes.  My standard muted color palette.  No point to this one, just art.


Tunnel (Abstract)

28 Dec


I like the way this painting draws my eye into the field of vision.  It just has a funky feel.  Its been enjoyable playing with shapes and a different process artistically.  Shapes can do amazing things if we’re willing to play with them and think differently about them.


Linked (Abstract)

19 Dec



By themselves the rings aren’t all that impressive.  But when color is added its kinda magical what happens!  I imposed the same rule only adding color in the areas that didn’t overlap with other rings.


Boxes (Abstract)

18 Dec



Started sketching this one and liked how the shapes were interacting.  Then I decided I would only paint the areas that didn’t overlap with other shapes.  This is the end result.

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