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Purple Circles (2015)

28 Jul


A fun new piece.  I got absorbed in making circles.  Love the variety of colors that emerged.  Restricted myself to using four colors and mixing them into interesting shades & combinations.


The Grey (2015)

11 Jun


A new piece.  Just having some fun with lines & shapes.

Untitled Sketch (2015)

4 Jun


So this is a recent piece that I finished sketching last night.  It kept coming together in stages and then last night I just knew it was done.  What I do not know is if there is a title for this piece & likewise whether it calls for color or not?  So some viewer participation is being requested today.  As you view this piece does a name or title emerge for you?  Secondly, would this piece benefit from the addition of color, if so what colors do you think would fit this piece well?  Thank you for viewing and for any insights you’d be happy to share!

Untitled 14 (2015)

1 Jun


Still playing with the color palette of Roy Lichtenstein and some new lines.  I love the relationship between the shapes in this piece.  They look like they could fit together but I didn’t want to make it appear as though they should.  They fit together less like a puzzle but more intuitively.

Untitled 12 (2015)

28 May


Just playing around here.  Was a fun piece to explore with.

Untitled 12 (2015)

26 May

untitled 5.23.15

This piece is untitled and I’m not certain that it is also unfinished.  I feel like there is too much white space and wondered if any of you viewing the piece could help me perfect it with some ideas about what you would do if you would do anything.  Its just one of those pieces that doesn’t feel quite “done” yet.  Thanks, your feedback/advice will be really helpful.

Untitled 11 (2015)

22 May


So this piece is the result of taking a random marker drawing of crisscrossing lines and filling the void spaces with other shapes and colors.

Kandinsky Re-imagined iii (2015)

15 May


A recent piece inspired by W. Kandinsky.

Landscape of Shapes iii (2015)

6 May


This piece draws a little inspiration from Joan Miro.  I find myself reflecting on this piece and making discoveries as I take in the different shapes and images.  I’d like to hear how you connect with it as viewers.  Please feel free to share.

Lines Dance (2015)

5 May


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