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Oblique (Abstract)

10 Apr


There are so many different ways my eyes have wandered through this painting.  Sometimes the lines look like they’ve been folded over; sometimes I see them as having dimension.  The color palette just emerged as I was painting.  The green surprised me.  I’m not even sure what I mixed to get that tone to emerge but I think it fits the composition of the painting well.  More exploration of the interplay between line, shape, and color.  Fun stuff!


Geo-linear Landscapes (Abstract)

4 Apr


Another attempt at exploring the interplay between line, shape, and color.  I wasn’t sure I liked the combination of colors in the lower half when I finished this piece but they have grown on me!


Color Panes (Abstract)

19 Mar



My most recent piece.  I love the interactions between line, shape, and color.  It is the theme my work seems to explore most.

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