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Inferno (Abstract)

10 Mar

inferno.edd.03.09.2014 (1)


Passion.  Desire.  Emotion.  Burns like fire within.

Defining What it Means to Be an Artist

15 Oct

I have painted consecutively every single day for almost a month and a half.  I mentioned in an earlier post that there has always been an artist in me and that I hadn’t picked up a brush since the sixth grade.  That artist found expression in other ways but was there nonetheless.  Now I’ve given myself permission to try and discovered I very much have a passion for painting.  My question is this, what is the difference between being a prolific artist (ie: producing lots of art) and a crazed artist (wildly insane) or is there not much distinction between the two?  I may have crossed the line a while ago!  🙂


Art & Acceptance

11 Sep

So I have been exploring painting lately.  I have in a fairly short period of time produced a number of pieces of art primarily via watercolor paints on cold pressed watercolor paper.  I haven’t painted since 6th grade (and I’m almost 40), but there has always been an artist in me.  I allowed life and vocation and other circumstances keep that side of me from emerging and being expressed.  I can’t do that anymore, I am an artist and writer at heart.  The more I paint the more I learn to accept the imperfect.  Many of my pieces have imperfect lines and the way the color disburses on the paper is beyond my control.  I have always felt this pressure to be perfect, to be what other people want.  Art allows me to embrace my imperfections and it is such a freeing experience.  Art is a practice that is helping me to learn acceptance.  It has become such a gift in my life, one I intend to embrace and explore for the rest of it.

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