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Untitled 7/25/2017

27 Jul

It has been quite a long while since I last posted. This one emerged first as a sketch on my painters board & then the color scheme came later. There is something that draws my attention left in this painting. Honestly, just refreshing to have the brushes out again!


Dial In (2016)

27 Sep


Test driving my new stylus.

Drift (2016)

23 Sep


Still playing with a digital art app.  I miss the tactile experience of brushes & paints but this does give me a way of keeping art in the mix.

In Knots (EMP #3) (2016)

13 Sep

imageSometimes life just has you in knots.  Decisions aren’t clear.  Future seems uncertain.  Answers seem elusive.  Been in & out of feeling this way for a couple weeks.  Art gives wings, for me at least, to things that burden me beyond mere words’ capacity to express.

Untitled 1620-5 (2015)

2 Nov

untitled 1620-5.edd.11.02.2015

I’ve never painted something with a solid red background.  I’ve been playing with this concept in my mind for a while and just decided to take the plunge today.  Of course, it contains my trademark bold, black lines but I was really pleased with the juxtaposition of colors and lines in this piece.

(Acrylic on paper, Nov. 2015)

Untitled 1620-4 (2015)

2 Nov

untitled 1620-4.edd.11.02.2015

(Acrylic on paper, Nov. 2015)

Puzzled (2015)

28 Oct


(Acrylic on paper, Oct. 2015)

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