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Swim (2016)

16 Dec


A recent acrylic on paper.  As I was painting I noticed little fish and bubbles and sea creatures emerging.  Was a fun piece to create!

Blue (1620-24) (2015)

25 Nov

Blue (1620-24).edd.11.25.2015

Blue is a color that speaks deeply to me.  I have a deep connection to it.  I am drawn to ocean and sky.  The subtle nuance of color here is visually appealing to me and the interplay of line and color make this piece enjoyable to explore.

(Acrylic on paper, Nov. 2015)


30 Sep



Water holds a powerful attraction for me.  I am drawn to it and love being near it.


22 Sep


Really trying to understand how water works and moves.  Finding painting water a difficult thing.

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