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Wild (2015)

2 Oct


(watercolor on cold-pressed paper, Oct. 2015)


Collaboration (2014)

25 Nov


My 8 year old daughter, Lydia, and I painted this over the weekend.  She was visiting my home and our creative natures combined to make a very enjoyable painting.  🙂  When we were adding some splashes of paint splatter to the painting we had a cute dialogue about what one can and can’t do with art.  When I started to add paint splatter on the piece she looked up and said, “You can do that?”  I said, “Oh, yeah!”  And she started joining me with this huge grin on her face.  She was like, “Do you think that’s too much?”  I said, “Not if you don’t!”  And we kept splattering for a while.

I love her innocence and excitement at trying something with art that seems outside the normal rules.  You know, when you color in coloring books you’re told to stay inside the lines.  I want her to be a critical, outside the lines of the normal expectations kind of thinker.  Maybe this was a positive step in that direction for her.  Either way, it was a lovely time well-spent!


Terrain (Abstract)

27 Mar


This piece has a very natural feel to it.  Sky, earth, sun, water.  As I was painting the palette just came together.  I called it terrain because it has an almost topographical look to it, in a nonrepresentational way.


Water, Earth & Sky (Abstract)

15 Mar





17 Sep



Saw a photo of a small garden of asters and was inspired.

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