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Dancing Man (2017)

18 Jan


A new acrylic on paper.  Because sometimes you just have to dance!

The Color of Jazz (2015)

15 Sep


This is a micro-abstract painting, only 5″ x 7″ in size.

(Watercolor & ink; watercolor pencils, Sept. 2015)

The Blues (2015)

1 Jun

The Blues (2015)

A piece I did recently where the same base color of blue was mixed with subtle touches of two other colors.  Just alternated the three colors through the piece.  Was really pleased with the design that emerged when I sat to sketch this piece out before painting.



26 Nov



Music has always been an important influence in my life.  My music teacher brother had thousands of cd’s and introduced me to a wide range of music growing up.  When I paint/draw I often have music going in the background.  For me, art and music go hand in hand.

Love is a Flower

15 Sep



I love this quote from John Lennon’s song, “Mind Games.”  This happy little flower was painted for someone I love.  Hope you enjoy it too.

That About Sums it Up…

28 Jul

It’s sunny today.  It’s cool like fall.  I ran three miles and worked up a sweat.  Came home and put on some music.  Listening to the New Radicals; I really like their stuff.  I opened the bag of mocha java beans in my fridge and was captivated by the aroma.  It’s true, I love coffee.  I see a few hours of reading and relaxing in my very near future.  It’s Sunday so, “A ciascuno il suo.”

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