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3 Nov



So this painting abounds with imperfections, as is consistent with all my work.  So this was kind of a study in shadow and light and perspective.  I wanted to paint the candle/stand from a kind of close-up perspective in relation to the doorway/entry.  I tried to tone down the brightness of light emerging from the adjacent room.  I really enjoy experimenting with things I’m not very proficient at.  I love learning how things work and how to create certain types of effects with a paint brush.  Painting is so fascinating to me.  There is so much to it, how could you ever suffer boredom as a painter?  Creative block, lack of inspiration for sure but never boredom there is always something new to learn or new ways of growing and improving.


27 Oct



This painting just started jumping off my brush and onto the watercolor paper yesterday.  Still working on shadow and light.  Some different brush technique emerged yesterday.  Tried to get out of my normal box a bit.

Chains Fall

24 Oct



Walk out of the darkness and into the Light.  Freedom awaits!


15 Oct



Was inspired to paint this after seeing a photo at a fellow blogger’s site.  The original photo can be found here: http://themirrorobscura.com/2013/10/14/fragments-steps/.

Look Outside

29 Sep



It seems we often allow ourselves to be held back by little fears.  Go ahead, take a look outside, its a big wonderful world out there.

Untitled Design #4

21 Sep



I think of where the lines connect outside the page they are painted on.

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