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Complexity (2017)

16 Dec

Complexity 2017

A new acrylic on paper.  This one captures the essence of the space I was in while creating it.  Truly lost in the sounds of jazz and the pleasure of a little wine.  Came together a little slower than typical but just decided to enjoy the journey on this one.


The Color of Jazz (2015)

15 Sep


This is a micro-abstract painting, only 5″ x 7″ in size.

(Watercolor & ink; watercolor pencils, Sept. 2015)

The Blues (2015)

1 Jun

The Blues (2015)

A piece I did recently where the same base color of blue was mixed with subtle touches of two other colors.  Just alternated the three colors through the piece.  Was really pleased with the design that emerged when I sat to sketch this piece out before painting.

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