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Symphonic (2015)

28 Sep

FullSizeRender (3)

(watercolor & ink on cold-pressed paper, Sept. 2015)


Untitled Abstract 81615 (2015)

20 Aug


Watercolor on cold pressed paper.

Between the Lines (2015)

6 Aug


A colorful new abstract piece.  Took a life of its own, as it always does and I’m delighted with the process and the result.  Hope you enjoy!

Untitled 11 (2015)

22 May


So this piece is the result of taking a random marker drawing of crisscrossing lines and filling the void spaces with other shapes and colors.

Infrastructure (2014)

2 Jan


Design drawn in 2014; painted in 2015!  Happy New Year friends.  Let’s make 2015 great!

Divergent Windows (2014)

14 Nov


Still playing around with new dimensions and perspectives.

Clasp (2014)

1 Oct


A little design I was sketching the other night that just took shape the more I drew.  Really enjoy this one!

Orbit (2014)

5 Sep


Just began as a silly little doodle and it just sort of came together.


Wrinkle (2014)

18 May


A fun design I tinkered with while watching all the hoopla around The Preakness yesterday.  And the hoopla was actually contextual yesterday, California Chrome was nothing short of impressive on the track yesterday.  They’ve got me hooked through The Belmont (and I know very little about horse racing).  Back to the piece, I had sketched this out a couple nights ago with my Pigma Micron .05 pen and added color yesterday during the race.  Really fun way to easy into Saturday night.


Slices (Abstract)

13 Feb



I like playing with geometric shapes.  My standard muted color palette.  No point to this one, just art.

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