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Untitled 1620-12 (2015)

10 Nov


I was reflecting this morning and I feel like I am in this space with my work that feels so real, so good, and so true.  I feel like there is this enormous temptation as an artist to compare yourself with others which leads to feeling like your work doesn’t measure up (whatever that means in this entirely subjective world of art anyway).  I have a style (though it seems to be ever emerging and ever transforming) and I accept that I am who I am as an artist and I am pleased with the art I’m producing right now.  Ask me tomorrow and I may feel differently, lol!

(Acrylic on paper, Nov. 2015)



8 Aug

I am sitting at a table writing.  I am taking deep, lung filling breaths.  To my right is a mug of coffee just the way I like it.  Behind that a glass of clear, cold water.  I have things I want to do today.  I have things I need to do today.  What I get done will be what I get done.  My body feels good today.  I ran.  It was a good run.  My pace was a bit slower than usual but its what my body could give today.  When I was younger I felt the need to drive and push and achieve.  I’m learning to accept what is.  This is real and real is good.


30 Jul


Tonight I ran at one of the metro-parks in my city.  Afterwards I planned to read under some trees on a bench.  As I approached the bench I noticed the surrounding area had been recently seeded with new grass.

My attention was drawn to the tiny seeds scattered about; hidden under a layer of straw. Some of the seeds had already taken root as new shoots of grass were bravely pushing through the ground.

I started thinking about those tiny seeds.  Every single one of them has all the potential contained within to become a blade of grass, but not all of them will.  Soil conditions, exposure to light, access to water, etc factor into whether or not those little seeds will become what they were made to be.  Seeds are designed with potential to become something other than what they are initially.

Human beings are a lot like seeds.  Each of us is designed with a potential that is, at our births, unrealized but meant to be.  Many of us never reach that potential for a variety of reasons.  Often we look at ourselves and think we were made to be seeds, while our real potential remains hidden away somewhere deep inside us.

The outer shell of every seed has to break open for it to reach its full potential.  The elusive you is waiting to come to life.  Are conditions in your life right for that potential to bravely surface?  If not, why not and what can you do about it?  You’re not just a seed.

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