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Between the Lines (2015)

6 Aug


A colorful new abstract piece.  Took a life of its own, as it always does and I’m delighted with the process and the result.  Hope you enjoy!


Jump (2015)

21 Apr


The movement and flow of lines is the great delight of doing art for me.  Yes, I add color to it but only to highlight the exceptional beauty of what happens when lines converge.  Why this appeals to me I have no idea, but I can not escape my attraction to the simple beauty of the line.

Pennon (2014)

12 Oct


A pen & ink/watercolor piece that I sketched recently and finished painting today.

Two Friends (2014)

3 Sep


As I was painting this piece it seemed to me that this looked like a conversation between two people.  Wasn’t my intent in setting out, but perhaps a happy accident.


Net (Abstract)

1 May


Thought this either resembled a web or a net.  The design appeared in my mind while trying to get to sleep a few nights ago, but I was too tired to get up and sketch it.  Sketched it last night; painted tonight.  Colors seem to jump off nicely because of the white-space areas.  This one was so fun to produce.


Vertices (Abstract)

7 Apr



I utilized a very subdued color palette on this piece (very subtle violet tones; in some cases almost taking on a pastel look).  This piece is consistent with what I’ve been producing lately but unique too.  It is available as a print at my online store for just $14.00 (great Easter gift for the art lover in your life!  What a pitch, huh?)  🙂


Intersections (Abstract)

16 Mar


I have been playing a lot with lines and shapes lately.  This is my most recent exploration!  If you like it and would want to have it as an art print you can go to my Society6 store to pick one up.


Multiply (Abstract)

24 Dec



I started with the series of squares in the center and the sketch sort of just started fractalling its way out to the edges.  Then I painted in the background.  It has a somewhat ethereal quality but I’m pleased with what emerged.


Boxes (Abstract)

18 Dec



Started sketching this one and liked how the shapes were interacting.  Then I decided I would only paint the areas that didn’t overlap with other shapes.  This is the end result.

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