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Firmament (2015)

21 Sep


(Watercolor & ink on cold-pressed paper, micro-format, Sept. 2015)sk


Circles (Abstract)

20 Mar


Another study in geometric & linear abstraction.  The interplay of lines, shape, and color really interests me.  I am finding endless possibilities here.  Its immensely enjoyable to start with a blank piece of watercolor paper and then sketch something out that emerged simultaneously from your imagination.  Very cool stuff and fun!  Prints available here.


Orb (Abstract)

18 Mar



As I saw this piece coming together I was happy that all the lines seemed to be supporting the “orb” in the center.  I wanted to use warm and appealing colors.  The strong, prominent line really draws my attention toward the center of the painting.  I’m still having fun playing with line, shape, and color.  Quality prints of this piece are available at my Society6 store.


Intersections (Abstract)

16 Mar


I have been playing a lot with lines and shapes lately.  This is my most recent exploration!  If you like it and would want to have it as an art print you can go to my Society6 store to pick one up.


Variegation (Abstract)

11 Mar


This mosaic-like painting is consistent with the theme of vibrant color and strong line that makes up much of my work. It is in a slightly larger format than my usual work. My hope is that it gives the viewer many vantage points for enhanced enjoyment.  This piece is on sale now at: artfinder.com (original art) or Society6 (art print).


Untitled (Abstract)

8 Mar



A simple geometric abstraction using a muted color palette.  I really want the colors to enhance the beauty of the simple lines making up this piece.

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