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Green (2014)

1 Sep




Arc (Abstract)

21 Apr


This piece really captures the essence of what I’ve been exploring lately.  I really love the way lines intersect and interact.


Freestyle (Abstract)

16 Apr


Usually I pencil sketch before a drop of paint hits the paper.  Not this time.  I loaded up my favorite brush with black paint and free-handed the lines (except for the circles & border) and then let the colors come as I filled the piece in.  I’m pleased with the design that emerged and find the colors work well together to create a pleasant feel.  I don’t do dark, macabre, evil, weird paintings, that’s not my thing.  I think the world is dark, evil, macabre, and weird enough.  I want my art to be an appreciation of beauty, hope, and light.


Quadrant (Abstract)

14 Apr


My newest piece.  These geometric abstracts keep coming, but I’d like to hear from some of you what you see.  How do you connect with this painting?  If you like it what is it that grabs you or draws you in?  I’m always curious to know how my work connects with people.  Thanks!


Oblique (Abstract)

10 Apr


There are so many different ways my eyes have wandered through this painting.  Sometimes the lines look like they’ve been folded over; sometimes I see them as having dimension.  The color palette just emerged as I was painting.  The green surprised me.  I’m not even sure what I mixed to get that tone to emerge but I think it fits the composition of the painting well.  More exploration of the interplay between line, shape, and color.  Fun stuff!


Pinpoint (Abstract)

25 Mar


Another geometric/linear abstract.  The thing that draws my attention back to this painting is the perspective the blue & red lines create.  If you follow them with your eye like you’re walking a path the perspective they create is fascinating, at least to me!





Angles & Points (Abstract)

21 Mar



Saw this sketch in my mind at the most inconvenient time of 2 am the other night.  Woke up, sketched it out, went back to bed, painted it yesterday.  Sigh…am I alone in that experience, I suspect not!  🙂


Geometrics (Abstract)

17 Mar


There are three modern painters (20th Century) who have influenced my work: Kandinsky, Klee, and Mondrian.  This painting is done in the spirit of those three artists.  Prints are available here.

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