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Acrylic on Paper

1 Dec

A new piece. Charcoaled out the lines then painted them in black. Fed color in slowly working a fairly limited palette.


Zap (2014)

7 Dec


A playful piece that emerged but wasn’t planned.

Kandinsky Re-imagined (2014)

26 Nov


A new Kandinsky inspired piece.  His shapes, use of color, and utter mastery of the art of painting is the impetus behind much of my work.  I am endlessly inspired by Kandinsky’s work.

In the Key of Kandinsky (2014)

19 Nov


Another Kandinsky infused/inspired piece.  His designs and pieces simply enthrall me, I can’t shake my Kandinsky addiction!

Spinner (2014)

18 Nov


Another new geometric abstract.  Playing with my color palette.

Blot (2014)

12 Nov


I really like the liquidity of this one.  I appreciate flow and movement.

Fragments (2014)

4 Nov


My newest piece.  Kind of a monochromatic color palette.

Cobblestone (2014)

29 Oct


A new piece.  I attempted to play with kind of a new dimensional feel on this one.

Pennon (2014)

12 Oct


A pen & ink/watercolor piece that I sketched recently and finished painting today.

Spider (2014)

9 Sep


Started working on this geometric abstract piece and realized it kind of looked like a spider.  So spider it is!

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