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Untitled 102416

25 Oct

Why do art?  I look at this piece and something draws me in.  Is it the color, the lines, the visual composition?  But seriously why do we do this?  Is it because the creative impulse simply cannot be restrained.  Is it the outflow of our psychological lives manifesting our innermost thoughts & feelings into an objective, quantifiable reality?  These questions pervade my mind as I submit this piece tonight.


Inspiration (2015)

6 May


How inspiration comes?  At least for me.  I see something and then set out to create it.

Untitled (color-burst) #1

30 Aug


I love the way layers of color can be added to adjust the original image.  The red in the top left corner just started spreading, almost bursting out.

In the Storm

24 Aug



Sometimes life is hard.  The waves kick up.  The waters foam.  And yet we don’t give up.  We’re in the storm but the storm doesn’t have to own our hearts.

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