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Arrange (2015)

29 Sep


A new piece that has a Kandinsky-like feel.  I love his muted colors and his lyrical designs.  This one just sort of came to life.

(watercolor & ink on cold-pressed paper, Sept. 2015).

Linear Landscapes (2015)

27 Aug


Watercolor on cold-pressed paper (Aug. 2015)

Untitled Sketch iii (2015)

12 Jun


The bold line in the center juxtaposed against the variety of lines and shapes surrounding it really draws the eye to explore this piece.  Fun sketch for a Friday!

Untitled Sketch ii (2015)

11 Jun

A sketch that I’ve been slowly plugging away at for a few months.  I love the designs that emerge from the interplay of lines in this piece.

Untitled Sketch (2015)

4 Jun


So this is a recent piece that I finished sketching last night.  It kept coming together in stages and then last night I just knew it was done.  What I do not know is if there is a title for this piece & likewise whether it calls for color or not?  So some viewer participation is being requested today.  As you view this piece does a name or title emerge for you?  Secondly, would this piece benefit from the addition of color, if so what colors do you think would fit this piece well?  Thank you for viewing and for any insights you’d be happy to share!

Untitled 12 (2015)

28 May


Just playing around here.  Was a fun piece to explore with.

Mind Map (2015)

9 Apr


No inspiration just a piece that came to life one night.

Twists & Turns (2015)

31 Mar

A piece constructed of overlapping colors, lines, and shapes.  

Signal (2014/2015)

3 Mar


Sketched this one out in late 2014 & finally added some color to it.

Color Maze (2015)

4 Feb


A colorful new piece that came together recently!

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