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Swim (2016)

16 Dec


A recent acrylic on paper.  As I was painting I noticed little fish and bubbles and sea creatures emerging.  Was a fun piece to create!

My Busy Palette

14 Dec

My Busy Palette

I was looking at this thing this morning and thought about all of the pieces I’ve worked on using this palette.  It has probably a near 1/2″ thick layer of dried layers of paint covering its surface.  This is what is on the surface now.  I feel a unique closeness to and affinity for this board that I mix paint on and paint from.  It is in many ways like a silent companion during the painting process but very much a necessary one.  It is, in my view, a work of art in itself.

Inspiration (2015)

6 May


How inspiration comes?  At least for me.  I see something and then set out to create it.

Orbit (2014)

5 Sep


Just began as a silly little doodle and it just sort of came together.

Untitled (color-burst) #1

30 Aug


I love the way layers of color can be added to adjust the original image.  The red in the top left corner just started spreading, almost bursting out.

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