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Untitled 1620-31

4 Dec


A warm piece for a cold weekend.

(Acrylic on paper, Dec. 2015)

Untitled 1620-16 (2015)

17 Nov

Untitled 1620-16.edd.11.16.2015

(Acrylic on paper, Nov. 2015)

Untitled 1620-2 (2015)

29 Oct

untitled 1620-2.edd.10.29.2015

One of the things I love about Jean Michael Basquiat was his use of white on solid colors.  The white on black sections of this piece absolutely take their cue from the works of Basquiat.  Additionally, sometimes I wrestle with generating so much art so frequently.

During my married years so much of my creative self was locked away, even imprisoned by the demands of life and expectations of others.  I guess my brush has more than a decade and a half of making up to do-hence the prolifery of work emerging from this artist and shared with the world.

I hope my viewers know I long for their honest feedback and genuine assessments of my work.  If something sucks please call me out.  I don’t have to publish everything I make on this blog & I don’t always publish every piece-but if it connects with me I love seeing how it connects with you.  Thanks for listening, lol!!

(Acrylic on paper, Oct. 2015)

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