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Untitled 14 (2015)

1 Jun


Still playing with the color palette of Roy Lichtenstein and some new lines.  I love the relationship between the shapes in this piece.  They look like they could fit together but I didn’t want to make it appear as though they should.  They fit together less like a puzzle but more intuitively.


Oblique (Abstract)

10 Apr


There are so many different ways my eyes have wandered through this painting.  Sometimes the lines look like they’ve been folded over; sometimes I see them as having dimension.  The color palette just emerged as I was painting.  The green surprised me.  I’m not even sure what I mixed to get that tone to emerge but I think it fits the composition of the painting well.  More exploration of the interplay between line, shape, and color.  Fun stuff!

Red Sky at Night

26 Aug



A recent work.  My girlfriend asked me what prompted me to do this painting and if I had been to the place it depicts.  I said the image was just in my head and that it wasn’t a place I had been.  She spent a number of years out West specifically in California and she said it reminds her of things she saw while living there.  The sky in this painting draws me in as do the mountains in the background.  I guess I paint places I’d like to be, in conditions I would greatly enjoy.

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