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“Lifted Up” (1620-42) (2016)

25 Jan

untitled 1620-42.edd.01.23.2016

Not sure where this one emerged from.  The hands emerging from the bottom of the page are holding up the face.  I find this piece an encouraging image.  We all need people in our lives who stand with us and hold us up.  Hopefully we can all think of at least a few people in our lives who willingly do that for us and also a few people we do that for.

(Acrylic on paper, Jan. 2016)


Humanity (2015)

14 Oct


Another new large format piece (24″ x 30″).  The shiny areas are a gloss paint (too much reflection in photo).  This just has an earthy, organic feel to me.  As I was looking at it I felt like I was seeing people with raised arms and reaching out to each other.  Wish we had more people reaching out to each other these days across nations, political spectrums, and social/economic boundary lines.  Guess I feel like it would be hard to hate another person if you take the time to understand their experience/journey.

(Acrylic on paper, Oct. 2015)

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