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Sea in Me (2016)

26 Nov

A new acrylic on paper.  It has literally been months since I’ve had the paints and brushes out and I must say it was glorious.  I could not resist the impulse to let my inner painter come out and play!


Untitled (EMP #2) (2016)

11 Sep


My newest electronic media painting.  I have always liked abstract works that have this child-like unfinished edge but a depth of composition that pulls you in as a viewer.   On one hand people might be led to say “well I could do that” but on the other hand it draws them in to take a deeper look .

Untitled 1620-41

24 Jan

Untitled 1620-41.edd.01.23.2016

(Acrylic on paper, Jan. 2016)

Bold (2015)

22 Sep


So I started this piece with this chaotic under-layer of lines going everywhere in this discontinuous progression of ink swirls.  I started shading in some of the line areas and some great shapes started to emerge.  I decided to go mono-chromatic with this piece to draw out the beauty of the emerging lines.  I love seeing new work come to life and take shape.  I feel like I go into every piece ready to let it just happen without a definitive idea where its going or what kind of result I want to achieve.

(Watercolor & ink on cold-pressed paper, Sept. 2015)

Subterranean (2015)

11 Aug


A piece incorporating random visual images and colors.

Between the Lines (2015)

6 Aug


A colorful new abstract piece.  Took a life of its own, as it always does and I’m delighted with the process and the result.  Hope you enjoy!

Purple Circles (2015)

28 Jul


A fun new piece.  I got absorbed in making circles.  Love the variety of colors that emerged.  Restricted myself to using four colors and mixing them into interesting shades & combinations.

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