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Sea in Me (2016)

26 Nov

A new acrylic on paper.  It has literally been months since I’ve had the paints and brushes out and I must say it was glorious.  I could not resist the impulse to let my inner painter come out and play!



Untitled (EMP #2) (2016)

11 Sep


My newest electronic media painting.  I have always liked abstract works that have this child-like unfinished edge but a depth of composition that pulls you in as a viewer.   On one hand people might be led to say “well I could do that” but on the other hand it draws them in to take a deeper look .

Untitled 1620-41

24 Jan

Untitled 1620-41.edd.01.23.2016

(Acrylic on paper, Jan. 2016)

Bold (2015)

22 Sep


So I started this piece with this chaotic under-layer of lines going everywhere in this discontinuous progression of ink swirls.  I started shading in some of the line areas and some great shapes started to emerge.  I decided to go mono-chromatic with this piece to draw out the beauty of the emerging lines.  I love seeing new work come to life and take shape.  I feel like I go into every piece ready to let it just happen without a definitive idea where its going or what kind of result I want to achieve.

(Watercolor & ink on cold-pressed paper, Sept. 2015)

Subterranean (2015)

11 Aug


A piece incorporating random visual images and colors.

Between the Lines (2015)

6 Aug


A colorful new abstract piece.  Took a life of its own, as it always does and I’m delighted with the process and the result.  Hope you enjoy!

Purple Circles (2015)

28 Jul


A fun new piece.  I got absorbed in making circles.  Love the variety of colors that emerged.  Restricted myself to using four colors and mixing them into interesting shades & combinations.

Untitled 14 (2015)

1 Jun


Still playing with the color palette of Roy Lichtenstein and some new lines.  I love the relationship between the shapes in this piece.  They look like they could fit together but I didn’t want to make it appear as though they should.  They fit together less like a puzzle but more intuitively.

The Blues (2015)

1 Jun

The Blues (2015)

A piece I did recently where the same base color of blue was mixed with subtle touches of two other colors.  Just alternated the three colors through the piece.  Was really pleased with the design that emerged when I sat to sketch this piece out before painting.

Untitled 12 (2015)

28 May


Just playing around here.  Was a fun piece to explore with.

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