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Bread Addiction: Pumpernickel

7 Nov



More bread, I just can’t help myself!


26 Oct


I can feel the warmth of the baking stone as I imagine this bread being pulled out of the oven.  I can smell the rich aroma of the bread as it cools filling the kitchen with its nearly edible scent.  The baguette is “anytime” bread.  Its crunch is wonderful, its flavor rich, and its satisfaction undeniable.  Here is an article on the history of French bread: http://foreigndetours.com/baguette-and-french-bread/.  Savourer!

Bread for the Journey

25 Oct



Painting depicting sourdough round loaf.  Add some hard cheese and a glass of Pinot Noir and what a perfect, tasty moment!

Bread for the Day

22 Oct



I love bread.  I have been thinking about how bread is essential, making its way onto tables everyday all over the world.  It is a filling and satisfying food.  It provides basic, simple sustenance.  Fresh baked bread ignites the senses.  Nothing better!  I am grateful for daily bread.

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