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Blue (1620-24) (2015)

25 Nov

Blue (1620-24).edd.11.25.2015

Blue is a color that speaks deeply to me.  I have a deep connection to it.  I am drawn to ocean and sky.  The subtle nuance of color here is visually appealing to me and the interplay of line and color make this piece enjoyable to explore.

(Acrylic on paper, Nov. 2015)


Interval (Abstract)

5 Mar



I like the way the colors flow and repeat in this one.  As as you move down the painting the colors are similar but not the same (I ran out and had to remix, so there is admittedly a little variation).  Just did a repeating pattern of dabbing one side of the brush and then flipping it every few dabs for fresh paint on the opposite side.  Then I’d occasionally, randomly angle the brush a touch to add some additional variation.  Love how vibrantly the blues came out.


29 Oct



I am now officially out of cold pressed watercolor paper.  I will be heading to the art supply shop today.


16 Oct


Mixed ultramarine blue with a variety of different colors and created this design.  Blue was the base color for all these combinations.  Thought it was kinda groovy.  So, what kind of blue are you?

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