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Jump (2015)

21 Apr


The movement and flow of lines is the great delight of doing art for me.  Yes, I add color to it but only to highlight the exceptional beauty of what happens when lines converge.  Why this appeals to me I have no idea, but I can not escape my attraction to the simple beauty of the line.


Ma Chere

6 Dec



My girlfriend’s beauty was the inspiration for this one.  She is a work of art, inside & out!  Her curves, her neck, her legs, her hair.  Where do I begin and where does my appreciation end?  A lovely being deserves to be painted and admired!


11 Sep



My first human subject.  Painted from a photograph I saw the other day on a fellow blogger’s site.  This person’s simple, stunning beauty caught my attention and I had to paint her.


6 Sep



I love painting mountains and water.  Being in a spot like this would define serenity for me.

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