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Lines Dance (2015)

5 May


Signal (2014/2015)

3 Mar


Sketched this one out in late 2014 & finally added some color to it.

Washed Away (2014)

13 Feb


I’ve been sitting on this one for a while.  I painted it, then just a few minutes later I put it under warm water in my kitchen sink and let the color roll away.  This is what was left behind.

Partition (2014)

3 Dec


Painted by putting drops of paint on watercolor paper then tilting and twisting the paper to allow the paint to flow over the paper.  Every line is painted without the assistance of a brush.  I was very pleased with the result.

Variations (2014)

28 Nov

Variations (2014)

My first large format piece (24″x32″).  How fun this was!  I might be hooked on doing larger work now!!  Everything else I have posted up to this point (w/the exception of the piece entitled, “Collaboration,”) is small format (7″x9″).  Having space to work with and express more freely is amazing.

Cobblestone (2014)

29 Oct


A new piece.  I attempted to play with kind of a new dimensional feel on this one.

Inertia (2014)

15 Oct


Newest piece.  Used a super fine (.0005) illustrator’s pen to do the gridding on the floating ball coming through the center of the piece.

Clasp (2014)

1 Oct


A little design I was sketching the other night that just took shape the more I drew.  Really enjoy this one!


Color Garden (Abstract)

30 Dec



Really enjoyed working with this pattern and playing with color.


Tunnel (Abstract)

28 Dec


I like the way this painting draws my eye into the field of vision.  It just has a funky feel.  Its been enjoyable playing with shapes and a different process artistically.  Shapes can do amazing things if we’re willing to play with them and think differently about them.

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