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Acrylic on Paper

1 Dec

A new piece. Charcoaled out the lines then painted them in black. Fed color in slowly working a fairly limited palette.


Cyclone (2018)

20 Nov

A new acrylic on canvas board.

New Era Paintings

14 Nov

This is my first ever attempt employing the use of only a palette knife. I have labored over this one for many hours until the final stroke of the knife.

Robots Don’t Lie (2018)

12 Nov

Another recent acrylic on paper.

Portal (2018)

4 Nov

I have been painting but not posting, for a very long time. I continue experimenting mostly with acrylic on paper. This work is 16″ x 20″ & varnished with a matte finish. Feels good to have something I feel is worthy of posting. Nice to be back!

Untitled 102416

25 Oct

Why do art?  I look at this piece and something draws me in.  Is it the color, the lines, the visual composition?  But seriously why do we do this?  Is it because the creative impulse simply cannot be restrained.  Is it the outflow of our psychological lives manifesting our innermost thoughts & feelings into an objective, quantifiable reality?  These questions pervade my mind as I submit this piece tonight.

Dream State (2015)

3 Jun


I always wrestle with too much white space but equally with filling up the space just so a piece doesn’t appear so vacant.  So this painting business always reminds me how important it is to relinquish control and trust the piece to dialogue with me, in this unspeakable way, about what it needs and how to bring it to life.  You’ll notice a red dot in the middle of the piece in the section of geometric doodles.  Why is it there?  The piece spoke to me, not audibly but visually and perceptively, and told me that red dot should go there.  Am I alone in this sense of connection to the pieces I am working on?  Those of you who paint or are passionate about some kind of creative art form, can you relate?

Zap (2014)

7 Dec


A playful piece that emerged but wasn’t planned.

Ma 間 (2014)

26 Sep


Exploring white space/negative space in this painting.  I tend to use lots of color and a wide palette.  But it felt good to embrace the sort of stark, distinctive look of the limited colors at play in this piece.

Faces (2014)

18 Sep


My newest piece.  Really enjoyed seeing this one come together.  I hope it brings others enjoyment and invites exploration.

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