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Falling (2023)

2 Jan

Another drawing with scissors piece. On the left side of the piece I was trying to capture the sense of tumbling or falling.


DWS no. 7 (2022)

14 Dec

Sherehe (2022)

Felt this new paper cutout abstract piece conveys the idea of celebration. In Swahili, one word for celebration is, “Sherehe.”

What a beautiful word for the beautiful human experience of enjoying & expressing life’s joy-filled moments.

DWS no. 6 (2022)

8 Dec

This one is entitled, “The Bell Tolls.” I love the vibrancy of the colors and lines here juxtaposed with the black background. This piece delights me.

DWS no. 3 (2022)

7 Dec

Another Matisse inspired construction paper cutout piece. So rewarding to make these colorful shapes and lines with scissors and paper. First true wave of new inspiration in a long, long time for me.

DWS no. 5 (2022)

7 Dec

“Drawing with scissors…” work #5. Henri Matisse, near the end of his life & career, started creating art images from gouache painted pieces of paper & then cutting those colorful pages into shapes & designs. That technique has been truly inspiring to me. Really enjoying playing with my construction paper cutouts.

Fractured (2022)

29 Nov

This is a new piece. Cut construction paper on white card stock. Learning to make paper do what I used to count on my brushes for.

Untitled 2020

23 Dec

This is a mixed media watercolor and acrylic on paper. This piece came together nicely and as always with some happy little artistic serendipities along the way


Main Street (2018)

7 Dec

Abstract using acrylic, watercolor, and charcoal.

Acrylic on Paper

1 Dec

A new piece. Charcoaled out the lines then painted them in black. Fed color in slowly working a fairly limited palette.


30 Nov

Acrylic on canvas.

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