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Awakening Sun (2016)

26 Dec


A new acrylic on paper.

Energy (2016)

19 Dec


A recent acrylic abstract on paper (16″x 20″ format).

Untitled 12/04/16 (2016)

5 Dec


A new acrylic abstract.  Not sure I’m done with it yet but still figuring out finishing touches.

Untitled 1620-16 (2015)

17 Nov

Untitled 1620-16.edd.11.16.2015

(Acrylic on paper, Nov. 2015)


Colorscape Abstract)

7 Mar



This abstract painting depicts color and line in a rich and vibrant way. The paint used is watercolor but I intentionally used very little water when mixing it down to give it more depth and texture.

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