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Ma 間 (2014)

26 Sep


Exploring white space/negative space in this painting.  I tend to use lots of color and a wide palette.  But it felt good to embrace the sort of stark, distinctive look of the limited colors at play in this piece.

Untitled Design #2

10 Sep



My latest design piece.

Great Structures #1: Eiffel Tower

9 Sep


This is one of the world’s most amazing structures.  Its design is sexy and artful.  It was an incredible work for its time and is still a marvel.

Great Buildings #1: The Colosseum (Rome)

8 Sep



Starting two new series of paintings: Great Buildings and Great Structures.  I love great works of architecture.  They have an artistry all their own and make great subjects for other artists.


6 Sep



I love painting mountains and water.  Being in a spot like this would define serenity for me.


5 Sep


A tree silhouetted by late afternoon sun.

Untitled Design

3 Sep

untitled design.edd.9.03.2013

An untitled work that is essentially geometric shapes that I painted in.  I don’t do a lot of design work but I must say I like how free and creative you can be when creating a unique design.

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